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Acquiring Perception Wines

Thank you very much for your interest in acquiring Perception Wines.  We release our wines twice each year to our customers; our appellation wines and the single-vineyard wines.  While a small quantity of the wines released are sold to selected restaurants and wine shops across the country, the vast majority of our wines are sold directly to our Mailing List Members. If you'd like to join the Mailing List, we'd be delighted to share our wines with you!

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Our next release includes our Appellation Wines, and will open to Mailing List Members in the Spring and Fall.  Limited quantities of our previously released wines will be available at a later date through our online wine shop.

How The Members Mailing List Works

While you may see Perception wines available on a restaurant wine list or at high-end retail store, our wines are never commercially available for lower than their original release price. That’s because we adhere to a one-price commitment for all Mailing List Members, retailers, restaurants and individuals alike.

Because production is so limited, wines are sold through allocations on a first-come, first-served basis. Twice each year during the offering periods, mailing list members receive an email notification of their specific allocation. The allocation is not reserved or guaranteed, so early orders are encouraged. During the first year on The Perception Mailing List, allocations are limited. However, consistent purchasing patterns over time will lead to increased quantities in the allocation.  Questions about the List...

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